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On the sunnyside of Louisville, on the banks of the Ohio River, is a town that more than 23,000 people and 600 businesses call home. Located between Jeffersonville and New Albany, Clarksville is a blend of old historic sites and new shopping, business and residential areas.

Clarksville Organizational Meeting
Clarksville Organizational Meeting

Monday, January 4, 2016 at 7:00 PM
The 2016 Clarksville Town Council Elect will formalize its organizational structure at its regularly scheduled Council Meeting on Monday, January 4, 2016 at 7:00 PM at the Clarksville Town Hall. Various commissions and boards have open appointments that need to be filled.

If you are interested in serving the Town of Clarksville through an appointment to a board or commission please contact Anita Neeld at 812-283-1504 or by November 30, 2015.

Road Opening
TRAFFIC ALERT: Emery Crossing Re-Opening

Emery Crossing has been closed for several months due to concerns about the stability of the bank just west of the Mill Creek Bridge. After months of review by the Town's engineers it has been determined that the bank is stable and not at risk of immediate failure. There continues to be concern about the long-term stabilization of the road and the Town will continue to monitor the situation closely for any additional signs of failure. However, in the meantime the roadway will be reopened for traffic.

The reopening will happen on Tuesday, November 10th by 10:00 AM. A full report on the Town's findings will be presented to the Council at next week's meeting.

RFP - South Clarksville Redevelopment Plan
South Clarksville Redevelopment Plan

Share your insights and ideas for the South Clarksville Redevelopment Area at the project's online community engagement site: Envision South Clarksville.

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Work Session Notice
Change of Meeting Location Notice

Remaining 2015 Sessions moved from Executive Conference Room to Council Chamber

The Clarksville Town Council work sessions which are scheduled for the remaining dates in 2015, location has been moved from the Executive Conference room to the Council Chamber of the Town Hall, 2000 Broadway, Clarksville, Indiana 47129.

Bob Polston, Council President

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Crime Busters Tip Line
Crime Busters Tip Line

If you see any criminal activity in your area, please call the Crime Busters Tip Line: 812-284-4636
Town of Clarksville Government Center As of the census of 2010, our population is 21,724; housing units, 9,839; households, 9,409; population density, 2,178 per square mile. The population increase from the 2000 census was 1.5%.

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Lewis and Clark Statue Clarksville is the oldest American town in the old Northwest Territory, which included present-day Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and part of Minnesota. Located on the Falls of the Ohio, the town was founded in 1783 by the legislature of colonial Virginia to recognize the Revolutionary War service of George Rogers Clark and the men of his small army. Clark conceived and commanded the campaign that secured the entire Territory for the new United States.

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Colgate Building Clarksville has the second largest timepiece in the world, bigger than Big Ben. It measures over 40 feet in diameter and the hands on the clock are 16 and 20½ feet long. It's lit by red neon at night and can be seen over a mile away.


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Experience the charm and uniqueness that Clarksville has to offer! With a wide variety of dining, hotels, and attractions, Clarksville is the perfect spot for business, meetings, and leisure! Classic historic attractions are plentiful in Clarksville, take time to visit!

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    Whether you are rushing to find something, or having a leisurly day out, Clarksville offers a variety of shopping outlets, both locally & nationally owned.

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    For a relaxing stay, visit one of the many hotels that Clarksville has to offer!

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  • dining


    Italian, Mexican, Steakhouse, Pizza, you name it! Clarksville has a wide variety of dine in & carry out restaurants throughout the town.

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    So much to do in Clarksville! Many popular attractions include Movie Theatres, Outdoor Entertainment, Golf, Fishing, Aquatic Centers, Parks, Dining & More!

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