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The purpose of the Historical Preservation Commission is historic preservation and protection. In order to promote the educational, cultural and general welfare of the citizens of Clarksville and to insure the harmonious and orderly growth and development of the municipality; to maintain established areas, sites, or neighborhoods that have had or are in danger of having their distinctiveness destroyed; to enhance property values and attract new developments and residents; to ensure the viability of traditional areas and to enhance tourism within the region and Town of Clarksville; it is deemed essential by the Town Council of the Town of Clarksville that qualities relating to its history and harmonious outward appearance of its structures and sites be preserved.

This purpose is advanced through the restoration and preservation of historic sites, areas and buildings, the construction of compatible new buildings (where appropriate), and the maintenance and assurance of compatibility in regards to uses, style, form, proportion, texture, and material between historic sites, buildings, and those of contemporary design. It is the intention of the Town of Clarksville through this subchapter to preserve and protect historic, archaeological, cultural, or architecturally worthy sites, buildings, structures, monuments, streetscapes, and neighborhoods which impart a distinct quality to the town and serve as visible reminders of its historic heritage.

Commission Members

April Hauber
Jim Kenney
Lynn Lewis
Danny Spainhour
Emily Tolliver
Terri Vance
Karen Wilson
Ryan Ramsey
Karen Henderson

Commission Advisory Committee
Bob Glass, Commission Archivist
Greg Sekula, Indiana Landmarks
Jeanne Burke, Clark County Historian
Diane Stepro, Jeffersonville Township Public Library Local History Librarian


The Historic Preservation Commission meets the 2nd Monday of each month at 5:00pm.  All meetings are held in the Executive Conference room on the second floor of Clarksville’s Town Hall, located at 2000 Broadway Street.  All meetings are open to the public.  For more information, contact HPC Chairperson Lynn Lewis at lynnlewis@aol.com.

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