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Due to the significant rise of vacant and foreclosed dwellings units, the Clarksville Town Council adopted ordinance 2010-G-03 in order to manage these properties. In 2020, ordinance 2020-G-13 was passed amending 2020-G-03. If you would like to download a copy of our most recent ordinance, please click this link: Ordinance # 2020-G-13.

All property owners must register vacant and/or foreclosing residential properties with the Building Commission within 15 days of becoming vacant on the portal. Each property registration is valid for six (6) months. Registration fees are $250.00. Once the property is no longer vacant or is sold, the owner shall provide proof of sale or written notice and proof of occupancy to the Building Commissioner and the property will be delisted.

Vacant and foreclosed property registration shall be completed on the Town’s SmartGov Portal.

Registering a Vacant or Foreclosed Property

Please note that the way you register your vacant or foreclosed home is to create a business account and then a license for that business.