Clarksville Makes Change to “Thunder Over Louisville” Pedestrian Traffic Plan

Clarksville Makes Change to “Thunder Over Louisville” Pedestrian Traffic Plan

CLARKSVILLE, IN (March 14, 2024) – The Town of Clarksville is making a change to the traffic plan for Thunder Over Louisville to protect spectators. The change involves the current construction zone on Riverside Drive near Main Street.

In February, construction crews began work on a Riverside Drive revitalization project which will include new lighting, on-street parking, sidewalks, and protected bike lanes. The goal of the project is to beautify the area, make it more accessible, and improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists. The construction zone stretches from the entrance of Ashland Park to the Clarksville/Jeffersonville border. Currently the area is closed to all vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

The original plan was to open an 8-foot-wide path through the construction zone during Thunder Over Louisville, to allow access for spectators to travel along the river from Jeffersonville to Clarksville. After further planning and investigation, Clarksville’s emergency responders decided the risk to public safety would be too great to allow for this temporary pathway.

“It was with great consideration that we have decided to have a complete closure of the Riverside Drive construction zone during Thunder,” said Col. Nathan Walls, Clarksville’s Chief of Police. “In the best interest of public safety, thousands of people exiting in the dark through a major construction area poses too much risk.”

Due to the size and location of the construction zone, there will be no pedestrian access for those wishing to travel between the Jeffersonville and Clarksville riverfront. However, pedestrians will still be able to access Ashland Park via West Winbourne Avenue and South Sherwood Avenue.

Riverside Drive Map