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The office of the Building Commissioner has a variety of duties, which in general are related to the regulation and enforcement of State adopted building codes, Clarksville’s zoning ordinance and subdivision regulations. The office grants mechanical, electrical and plumbing licenses to contractors. In addition, required permits for various construction or remodeling projects are issued through the Building Commissioner.

The work done under these permits must be inspected, often at several stages in the construction process. A certificate of occupancy is issued when construction has passed all the required inspections.

Besides licensing, permitting and inspecting, the Building Commissioner is responsible for other aspects of zoning, such as compliance with zoning use; administering requests for rezoning and zoning appeals; weed control; junk car removal and mitigation of unsafe housing. Clarksville’s Building Commission office accomplishes all this in a growing community with a staff of four: one secretary, two inspectors and the Building Commissioner.


Apply for permits and licenses, pay fees, and interact with Town staff using our new SmartGov Permit Portal. This system is available to access 24/7.


General Administrative Rules (675 IAC 12)
International Building Code, 2012 w/ Indiana Amendments (675 IAC 13)
Accessible & Usable Buildings & Facilities (ANSI A117.1; ASCE-7-2005)
International Residential Code, 2018 w/ Indiana Amendments (675 IAC 14)
Industrialized Building Systems Indiana Mobile Structures Code (675 IAC 15)
International Plumbing Code, 2012 w/ Indiana Amendments (675 IAC 16)
National Electrical Code, 2008 w/ Indiana Amendments (675 IAC 17)
International Mechanical Code, 2012 w/ Indiana Amendments (675 IAC 18)
Indiana Energy Conservation Code, 2010 (ASHRAE 90.1, 2007 edition, 675 IAC 19)
Indiana Swimming Pool Code (675 IAC 20)
International Fire Code, 2012 w/ Indiana Amendments (675 IAC 22)
Supplementary Fire Safety Rules (675 IAC 24)
International Fuel Gas Code, 2012 w/ Indiana Amendments (675 IAC 25)


contractor fee schedule

Please click here to see the current fee schedule for the Planning & Zoning Department and the Building Commissioners Department.

Applications & Procedures

View and download a selection of Town of Clarksville permit applications for various residential and commercial projects.