Worker Safety Concerns Prompt Hard Closure of Blackiston Mill Road in Clarksville

Blackiston Mill Road Construction

CLARKSVILLE, IN (May 24, 2023) – When the Town of Clarksville announced that a large section of Blackiston Mill Road would be closing to thru traffic for construction, the plan was to keep the road accessible to make it easier for residents living in the work area. That is about to change due safety concerns caused by reckless drivers.

Beginning on Tuesday, May 30th, there will be a hard closure on both ends of the construction zone, which means no thru traffic will be able to access the construction zone. Those who need to access homes and businesses within the limits of the barricades will have to utilize the roadway connecting Blackiston Bowl to the backside of Peddler’s Mall. Public Works Director Brad Cummings says the change needs to be made due to safety issues caused by drivers.

“We didn’t go with a hard closure in the beginning in order to make it easier for residents to access their homes and businesses,” said Cummings. “Unfortunately, many drivers continued to use Blackiston Mill Road as a cut through rather than using the posted detour.”

Not only were drivers still using Blackiston Mill Road as a cut through, Cummings says drivers have also been moving recklessly through the construction zone nearly hitting equipment and construction workers.

“There have been several close calls prompting complaints from the construction crews,” said Cummings.

Representatives from the Lochmueller Group, which is overseeing the project, say construction activities are anticipated to increase in the area beginning next week, and that the change is warranted to improve the safety of construction workers, the traveling public, and residents.

Crews are working to add sidewalks, a new turning lane into the Peddler’s Mall entrance, new sight lines for motorists, and improved drainage for stormwater runoff. The first part of the project will be completed by Indiana American Water, which is replacing an 8 inch water line with a new and improved 24 inch water line. The closure of Blackiston Mill Road is scheduled through November 20th.

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