Clarksville Police K9 Unit to Receive National Medal of Valor

Argo and Bamforth

CLARKSVILLE, IN (March 9, 2023) – One of Clarksville’s most well-known police K9’s is about to receive even more recognition.  Police K9 ‘Argo’ and his partner Officer Thomas Bamforth will soon be awarded the Medal-of-Valor by the North American Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA).

In late 2022, ‘Argo’ and Officer Bamforth participated in the chase of a suspect who allegedly ran from police following a traffic stop near Providence Way.  During the resulting chase, ‘Argo’ was hit by a car, but jumped right up and continued with the chase.  Eventually he was able to latch on to the suspect’s leg before he could climb a fence, allowing officers to make the arrest.

‘Argo’ suffered some minor injuries and was forced to take some much-deserved time off.  He was treated for his injuries and returned to duty a few weeks later.  After hearing about what happened, Master Trainer Rick Ashanbraner, who works with Police K9’s all across the country, nominated ‘Argo’ and Officer Bamforth for the Medal of Valor.  The award is one of the highest honors presented to police K9’s.  The only higher honor is presented to K9’s killed in the line-of-duty.

“I’m beyond proud of ‘Argo’ and what he has accomplished,” said Officer Bamforth. “I’m humbled that ‘Argo’ and I will be receiving such a prestigious award.”

Officer Bamforth and ‘Argo’ will be presented the award during NAPWDA’s annual national training event in April.  As a bonus for being awarded the Medal of Valor, Officer Bamforth and ‘Argo’ will have their national training and hotel paid for by NAPWDA.  They will receive the award during a banquet that week.

Clarksville Police Chief Mark Palmer says this is a first for the Clarksville Police Department, a National Recognition of one of its K9 Teams.

“I could not be prouder! K9 Officer Bamforth and Argo have been a great team that hit the ground running from the start,” said Chief Palmer. “Numerous arrests involving narcotics made due to their pro-active approach toward drugs. Knowing how both these officers approach police work, I am not surprised at the results of their hard work. What is good to see is that everyone else is getting to see the hard work this team does on a daily basis.”