UPDATE: Repairs to Marriott Drive Sinkhole Expected to Take Up to Six Weeks

CLARKSVILLE, IN (June 1, 2022) – Town of Clarksville officials say it could be up to six weeks before a sinkhole on Marriott Drive can be repaired.  That’s the latest update on the May 18th collapse that forced the closure of the roadway to thru traffic.

Officials say a contractor bore through one of the lines, causing a 150 square foot section of the roadway to collapse. The break involves the 96-inch Cane Run Storm line which serves Jeffersonville and a portion of I-65 as well as an 8-inch Town of Clarksville sanitary sewer line.

When crews first inspected the damage and ordered replacement materials, they expected it to take 3-4 weeks for new pipes to arrive.  Although the materials arrived earlier than expected, there were additional complications that will push the reopening of the roadway out about six weeks.  The cost for the entire project is estimated to be around $400,000.

Camping World, the Radisson Hotel and Derby Dinner Playhouse are still accessible without issue.  If residents need to access areas south of Derby Dinner Playhouse, such as the Louisville North Campground or Clarksville Cove Family Aquatic Center, they will need to use Montgomery Avenue.