Top Ten Code Violations: What You Need to Know

Top Ten Code Violations: What You Need to Know

CLARKSVILLE, IN (November 17, 2023) – Since we live in a town and our actions may affect our community, the surrounding area and our neighbors, most cities and towns adopt or create ordinances which are then placed into code to assist the jurisdictions for implementation. As a result, property values remain or increase, and the neighborhood continues to be a place that is pleasing and joyous to live in and raise our families.

There are several of these items or actions that have been noted to affect neighborhoods which include neglect or properly maintaining property by not mowing, trimming, and managing vegetation. Ordinance 2021-G-08 requires lawn to be maintained to a height not greater than 10” and control weeds and other vegetation. A properly maintained yard is pleasing to the eye and brings pride to the neighborhood.

Another distraction that takes away for a makes a neighborhood is front yard parking. Nearly all homes are provided with driveways and or garages which are designed for the proper placement of vehicles. Nothing is more distracting than seeing a car parked in the front yard of a home. Furthermore, it destroys the grass and vegetation and may cause drainage issues due to rutting. Ordinance 2006-G-02 prohibits front yard parking.

There is nothing worse than seeing trash, garbage, junk and debris piled up, scattered or neglected on one property. The Town of Clarksville has an excellent Public Works Department the picks up most any item weekly, so we ask that everyone use this service. Town ordinance 97-G-04 requires property owners not to allow trash, junk, and debris to accumulate on their property.

Have you ever been out walking and found that a car or vehicle is blocking your pathway because it is parked across the sidewalk. Well just think if you are handicapped or in a wheelchair how difficult, inconvenient, or dangerous this is for those individuals. Not only does ordinance 91-G-05 prohibit parking across or blocking a public sidewalk, but it is also a federal law.

Rick Barr
Rick Barr Building Commissioner

Have you ever noticed a car or vehicle that seems not to move or appears or has been abandoned. Town ordinance 75-3313 does not allow for an inoperable vehicle to remain on one’s property for a period greater than 20 days and is subject to being removed or towed.

We all like to support our causes and our public officials, however placing signs on Town property or right-of ways is prohibited. Ordinance 2019-G-01 stipulate that Signs cannot be placed on utility poles, highways signs or areas that permission has not been granted by other parties. Signs placed in these locations will be promptly removed and repeat offenders are subject to a citation and fine.

Clarksville loves children and wants to provide the greatest protection for them. However, it is not uncommon to see basketball goals placed along the streets that require them to play in the streets. This sets up a very dangerous situation for our children. Distracted drivers, especially because of cell phones, may not notice and see them in time and a serious or fatal incident may occur. Town ordinance 86-G-04 prohibits placement of basketball goals along town streets.

Home maintenance is a must to maintain the looks of a neighborhood. Ordinance 2010-G-03 requires property owners to provide routine maintenance of their dwelling.
Have you ever noticed that your neighbor is doing some remodeling, building a deck or installing a pool without a fence around their property? For the most part most major home improvement project do require permits and ordinance 73-3283 regulates when a permit is required.

Once again here are the most common code violations that are reported.

• Tall Grass & Vegetation
• Front Yard Parking
• Parking Across/on Sidewalks
• Trash, Junk & Debris
• Building Without Permits
• Signage
• Exterior Maintenance
• Abandon Vehicles
• Basketball Goals & Games in Street
• RV Parking

The Top Four incorporates almost 90% of our cases and the top two incorporates 80% of our cases.

The Town has an active code enforcement division. If you notice any code violations you may report them on the Town Portal or call the Building Department at 812-283-1510. In reporting a suspected code violation, please be sure to provide the date, time, address, and the type of suspected violation. You may remain anonymous when you report.

This story was written and submitted by Clarksville Building Commissioner Rick Barr.