Blackiston Mill Road Reopening Delayed 3 Days

Blackiston Mill Road

CLARKSVILLE, IN (November 20, 2023) – The long-awaited reopening of Blackiston Mill Road is being put on hold for three days, but project leaders say it will be worth the wait.  Nearly 1,500 feet of Blackiston Mill Road has been closed for months as crews worked to improve stormwater drainage, install new underground utility lines, and add new sidewalks.

The plan was to re-open the roadway on Monday, November 20th so the closure wouldn’t affect traffic during the holiday shopping season.  Crews from MAC Construction would then return in Spring 2024 to close the road and finish the project.  That was until the contractor approached the town with an alternative plan this week.

During a project update meeting Monday morning, MAC Construction informed town officials that if they were able to keep the road closed through the end of the day on Wednesday, they could finish the project and wouldn’t have to close the road at all in 2024.  MAC Construction says 95% of the new roadway has been paved, and that they only have a few finishing touches to complete such as road striping, installation of mailboxes, and additional concrete work.  Project leaders say our recent good weather has allowed MAC Construction to work ahead of schedule.

Town Manager Kevin Baity says with input from project leaders, Town Council President Ryan Ramsey, and RDC Chairman Mike Mustain, the decision was made to allow for the minimal extension of the closure.

“By giving MAC Construction three additional days now, we can avoid another closure in the Spring which could last for weeks or even months due to colder temperatures,” said Baity.  “A small inconvenience now is worth avoiding a much larger inconvenience next year.”

Blackiston Mill Road is now scheduled to reopen by the end of the day on Wednesday, November 22nd.  The Town of Clarksville would like to thank our residents for their patience and understanding during this very important project.