Blackiston Mill Road Project Phase 2 Nearing Completion

Blackiston Mill Road

CLARKSVILLE, IN (November 8, 2023) – The long-awaited re-opening of Blackiston Mill Road in Clarksville is less than two weeks away. Today representatives from the Lochmueller Group, the engineering firm overseeing the work, sent out an update on the progress of the road project.

Phase 2 of the Blackiston Mill Road Improvement is a 1500 foot reconstruction project located between Kroger and Altra Drive. As part of this reconstruction project, construction crews will be working on improving the overall storm sewer system, widening the travel lanes, and adding ADA compliant sidewalk and curb ramps on both sides of Blackiston Mill Road. Crews will also be relocating several overhead and underground utilities.

Current Operations:

MAC Construction has continued to make good progress towards finishing the project on time. The last month has been almost entirely concrete work. They have almost completed all concrete work and are planning on moving to other activities at the beginning of next week.

% of Contract Complete to Date: 86.13 % (Monetary Basis)
Original Contract Amount: $2,697,000
Current Contract Amount: $2,697,000
Weather Condition: Fair
General Progress: Good

What to Expect:

Once concrete has been finished, there will be a few items MAC will begin to work on. First, you will see them grading front yards and other areas. The areas affected by grading and other construction activities, including residents’ yards, will be repaired with sod. Also, the top layer of the road in incidental construction areas will be milled and the final layer of asphalt will be laid. After paving, all previous road signs will be replaced, as well as all residents will get a new mailbox. As far as the physical road itself is concerned, the last activity to complete is
striping. This will be completed this fall or next spring, depending on the weather.

Blackiston Mill Road Re-Opening:

At the beginning of the project, the Town of Clarksville made it clear that the road would need to be re-opened no later than November 20th to allow for increased traffic during the holiday shopping season. As of today, the project is on schedule and scheduled to reopen on Monday, November 20th.