PROJECT UPDATE: Blackiston Mill Road – Phase 2

Blackiston Mill Road

CLARKSVILLE, IN (September 6, 2023) – Lochmueller Group recently released the following update in regards to the Blackiston Mill Road project. To receive these updates in you email, please email them at and request to be added to the mailing list.

Project Description

Phase 2 of the Blackiston Mill Road Improvement is a 1500 foot reconstruction project located between Kroger and Altra Drive. The primary purpose of the project is to decrease the number of accidents and reduce the number of conflict points at the various drives along this segment of Blackiston Mill Road. Secondary purposes are to improve drainage conditions along the roadway, provide a structurally sufficient roadway surface that provides continued vehicular traffic in the area, and provide pedestrian connectivity along this section of Blackiston Mill Road. As part of this reconstruction project, construction crews will be working on improving the overall Storm Sewer System, widening the travel lanes, and adding ADA Compliant Sidewalk and Curb Ramps on both sides of Blackiston Mill Road. Also, part of this project are several overhead and underground utility relocations. Relocating these existing utilities will make room for the increased footprint of Blackiston Mill Road. The project will be completed under a complete road closure from Altawood Drive to Altra Drive from March 15, 2023 to November 20, 2023. Most of the project will be completed at this time while the finished surface, pavement markings, and landscape measures will be completed in Spring 2024.

Current Operations

MAC Construction is currently working on preparing the road to be paved. They have just completed installing the new storm sewer system, except for a couple small structures, as well as the underdrains. Current operations include putting the finishing touches on the subgrade and installing the last few storm structures.

What to Expect

Once the subgrade is completed, they will be pouring curb and gutter, sidewalks, and driveways in the next few weeks. Once those are completed, the road paving operations will begin. This upcoming Thursday September 7th, 2023, at 10:00 AM, the road will be shut down, except for the entrance on the north side of the project area near Blackiston View. This closure will remain in effect until the end of next week, Friday September 15th, 2023. The temporary access road behind NAPA and Blackiston Bowl will still be open to allow access to the businesses, but there will be no access to Blackiston Mill Road from the parking lot. Further emails will be sent out to inform
residents and businesses of other closures or traffic changes.