Clarksville Police K9 ‘Argo’ Recovering Following Police Chase of Armed Suspect


CLARKSVILLE, IN (December 21, 2022) – A Clarksville Police K9 is recovering after being injured in the line of duty over the weekend.  It started around 1:00am Saturday morning when a Clarksville Police Officer tried to conduct a traffic stop near Providence Way.

Clarksville Police say the driver refused to stop and led them on a chase that ended across the Ohio River in Louisville.  Police say the suspect jumped out of his vehicle, armed with a handgun, and took off running.  That’s when Clarksville Police K9 Argo was released and sent after him.

“K9’s go through extensive training in a controlled environment,” said Clarksville Police Chief Mark Palmer. “The true test comes when your K9 is deployed and free of the handler, he was sent to stop the suspect.”

Investigators say Argo was able to get ahold of the suspect’s leg, but moments later, was hit by another vehicle involved the pursuit.  When that happened, Argo lost his grip, and the suspect took off running again.  Unfazed by his injuries, K9 Argo jumped up and resumed chasing the suspect.  As the suspect tried to climb a fence, Clarksville Police say Argo jumped several feet in the air to latch on to the suspect’s leg once again.  Argo was then able to hold the suspect until officers could arrive to make the arrest.

“K9 Argo was tested and achieved above and beyond expectations,” said Chief Palmer. “I am not only proud of how he performed, but also how he never stopped even when injured to capture the fleeing suspect.”

K9 Argo was immediately taken to the Jefferson Animal Hospital’s Emergency Room for testing and x-rays.  It was determined that Argo did not suffer any internal or skeletal injuries, only a few scrapes and bruises.  Chief Palmer says Argo was then ordered to take some time off to rest and recover.  Clarksville Police say Argo is expected to resume his duties and return to work once he is cleared by his medical team.

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