Bids Awarded for Parkwood Neighborhood Utility Improvements

Bids Awarded for Parkwood Neighborhood Utility Improvements

CLARKSVILLE, IN (September 6, 2022) – A major utility improvement project is planned later this year for Clarksville’s Parkwood neighborhood, and we now know the companies who will complete the work. During a meeting Tuesday night, the Clarksville Town Council awarded bids for the sanitary and stormwater system projects to Lykins Contracting and Dan Cristiani, Inc.

In 2019 and 2020 the Town completed studies of the Parkwood Sanitary and Storm water systems. The studies gave several recommendations to help alleviate flooding and sewer back-ups in the area. The area around Potter’s Lane was identified as a priority, largely due to the need to make changes to roadway for drainage and safety concerns.

The proposed storm water upgrades for the Potters Lane project include changing the grade of Potters Lane from Lombardy Drive to Greentree North, as well as a new drainage system along Potters Lane from Lombardy to the entrance of Lapping Park and Wooded View Golf Course. A new sidewalk will be added to the south side of Potters lane and a mixed use trail will be added to the north side of Potters from Wooded View to the Clarksville Softball Fields. The intersection at Lapping Park, Greentree North, and Potters Lane will also be completely rebuilt to improve the safety, drainage and aesthetics of the area. The Potters Lane project was awarded to Dan Cristiani, Inc. for $2,636,145.

The proposed sanitary sewer and stormwater upgrades for the Cottonwood Drive project include improving the drainage ditch behind the homes in the 1000 block of Cottonwood Drive and Potters Lane, as well as the sanitary sewer mains serving portions of Cottonwood Drive, Raintree Drive, and Tupelo Drive. The Cottonwood project was awarded to Lykins Contracting for $5,919,824. Contractors and the Town of Clarksville will be working with residents in those areas to complete the project as quickly as possible. Residents will be contacted as crews prepare for the project.

As a result of the planned work along Potters Lane, residents can expect Potters Lane to be closed to all traffic for a period of time. The Town of Clarksville is currently working with the contractors and engineers to develop a timeline for both projects, but work is expected to begin in late 2022 to early 2023. More details will be released once a more concrete project timeline is set.