Town Employees and Councilmembers Host “Warmth for Winter” Clothing Drive

Town Employees and Councilmembers Host “Warmth for Winter” Clothing Drive


CLARKSVILLE, IN (February 11, 2022) – Local temperatures were near freezing Saturday morning, which served as a reminder of why more than a dozen Town of Clarksville employees spent the day collecting blankets and clothing for the local homeless population.  It was the first-ever “Warmth for Winter” clothing drive, held at the Clarksville Police Headquarters near Town Hall.

Town Councilmember Karen Henderson and Council President Ryan Ramsey had been working with Town employees on a plan to help the homeless get through the winter season.  The first idea was to set up a heating shelter, but the cost for liability insurance would have been extremely high, and taxpayers would have had to cover the bill.

Since a heating shelter wasn’t possible, the Council and Town employees came up with another idea.  They would collect blankets and winter clothing for Clarksville Police and Firefighters to hand out to the homeless.

“Since we couldn’t open a heating shelter, we decided to do the next best thing,” said Clarksville Town Councilmember Karen Henderson. “Our police and firefighters will be able to keep donated blankets, hats, scarves, and gloves in their vehicles to hand out when the come across members of our homeless population.”

Councilwoman Henderson says this drive was put together at the last minute, but the Town plans to hold an annual Warmth for Winter clothing drive every year going forward.  From now on, it will be held on the first Saturday in November.

“I think everybody wants to help on some level, and this is their way to do it.”

Town employees weren’t the only ones helping with this year’s clothing drive.  Clarksville Fire Chief Brandon Skaggs was one of the main organizers of the drive, and he and his son Garrett are very involved with a local Boy Scout Troop.  They decided to invite members of Troop 4010 in Clarksville to help with the drive.

“It makes me feel really good when we’re doing this stuff out here to help,” said Boy Scout Blake Russell. “It really just gives me a sense of pride and responsibility that I’m out here able to help other people”

Volunteers were able to collect 10 boxes and several large bags of winter clothing during this year’s drive, but they are hoping to collect even more this November as word of the project spreads.