Santa Claus is Coming to the Town of Clarksville

Santa Claus is Coming to the Town of Clarksville

CLARKSVILLE, IN (December 16, 2021) – You’ve heard the song, ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’, but that is exactly what will be happening on December 20th and 21st in the Town of Clarksville. Clarksville Fire Chief Brandon Skaggs has arranged for old Saint Nick to ride on a fire truck, which will be illuminated with thousands of Christmas lights. Santa will also be accompanied by a few of his favorite elves.

“The Clarksville Fire Department enjoys having the Santa Claus parade for the community,” said Clarksville Fire Chief Brandon Skaggs. “This provides an opportunity to connect with our residents, guests, and youth outside of an emergency incident. This type of connection builds trust and confidence in our community.”

Santa and the Clarksville Fire Department will not be alone for this special two-day event. The Clarksville Parks Department will also have their music van as part of the caravan, playing Christmas music while driving through local neighborhoods. This will be the third year in a row that the Clarksville Fire Department and Parks Department have teamed up for this special ride through town. Communications Director Ken Conklin has driven the music van for the first two years of the event.

“There is no better feeling than driving through a Clarksville neighborhood with the Santa parade, seeing kids and parents pull back their curtains, and then run outside to catch a glimpse of Santa,” said Conklin. “It is wonderful that Chief Skaggs has continued to stay in contact with Santa so that he could make this an annual event. Residents actually look forward to it each year.”

The Santa parade will be held each night (December 20-21) beginning at 5:30pm each evening. A detailed list with the parade’s route is listed on the Clarksville Fire Department’s Facebook page.  They will also be streaming portions of the parade on their Facebook page as well.