Clarksville Awarded $10,000 Grant by Duke Energy Foundation in Support of Tree Canopy Expansion

Clarksville Awarded $10,000 Grant by Duke Energy Foundation in Support of Tree Canopy Expansion

CLARKSVILLE, IN (December 13, 2021) – The Town of Clarksville is getting a boost in a planned expansion of the town’s tree canopy. The Duke Energy Foundation awarded a $10,000 grant to the Town for the purchase and planting of more than 50 new trees in our community. With the help of a certified Arborist, Clarksville Town officials selected several locations for the new trees in Gateway Park, and along the new Discovery Trail.

Improving the area’s tree canopy has been a priority for the Town of Clarksville as part of a larger movement to combat extreme summer heat. Recently the Town conducted a heat map study to find the areas most affected by summer heat. With the help of Heat Relief Coordinator Bronte Murrell, the Town of Clarksville is working on developing a long-term plan to combat extreme summer heat and protect local residents. The new trees, made possible by the Duke Energy Foundation’s Powerful Communities program, are a good start for that effort.

“In order to combat extreme summer heat, the Town of Clarksville is going to need help from our private sector partners,” said Ken Conklin, Communications Director for the Town of Clarksville. “We appreciate the continued support of the Duke Energy Foundation, and applaud Duke Energy for being a great partner in making our community a better place to live.”

“Duke Energy is proud to support the town of Clarksville’s tree canopy expansion to help improve air quality, provide heat relief and improve the quality of life,” said Lisa Brones Huber, government and community relations manager for Duke Energy.

The Duke Energy Foundation’s Powerful Communities program makes strategic investments to build powerful communities where our natural resources thrive, students can excel and a talented workforce drives economic prosperity for all. The Foundation annually funds more than $30 million to communities throughout Duke Energy’s seven-state service area.

The Town of Clarksville would like to also extend a special thank-you to Associate Planner Neal Turpin in the Planning and Zoning Department for applying for the Duke Energy grant, and coordinating the tree planting project.