Clarksville Historic Preservation Commission Recognizes 100 Year Old Homes

CLARKSVILLE, IN (May 12, 2022) – The Clarksville Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) is continuing to build on it’s program that recognizes some of the Town of Clarksville’s oldest homes. On Thursday, the HPC recognized nine Clarksville homes in the second year of its historic house recognition program.  Plaques were presented to the owners of the homes, which range from 110 to 160 years old. 

Historic OwnerYear BuiltAddressCurrent Owner
Noon HouseCirca 1861421-423 E. Riverside DriveKristie Moe
Hill HouseCirca 1897511 W. Kenwood AvenueAlfred & Catherine Langolf
Raab HouseCirca 1888337 Howard AvenueMichael & Kathy Wright
Perry-Nutter HouseCirca 1889348 W. Stansifer AvenueJack Nokes
Jennings HouseCirca 1899402 Arlington AvenueGrant & Nancy Kelley
Grover HouseCirca 1906200 S. Elm StreetLucas Simmons
Fouts HouseCirca 1911619 W. Harrison AvenueSarah Jackson & Martin Kehl
Volmer HouseCirca 1912907 N. Taggart AvenueJoyce Ann Woods

The HPC has also sponsored the creation of an online story map which allows residents to explore some of the other historic homes in Clarksville. To view the story map, click here.