Eleanor Roosevelt Historical Marker Unveiled at Clarksville High School

Eleanor Roosevelt Historical Marker Unveiled at Clarksville High School

CLARKSVILLE, IN (October 7, 2021) – Clarksville’s history is an important element in the education of students at Clarksville Senior High School. Now, a small part of that history will always be front and center as students arrive to school each day. On Thursday, CCSC Administrators and Town of Clarksville officials unveiled a new historical marker, commemorating the 1958 visit of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

On June 16, 1958, Mrs. Roosevelt paid a visit to Clarksville High School to attend the annual dinner of the Clark County Chamber of Commerce.  Nearly 1000 people attended the dinner, held in the new gymnasium, including Supreme Court Justice Sherman Minton, a New Albany native.  The meal was prepared by the Clarksville HS cafeteria staff, and was served by the Clarksville High School band parents.  Mrs. Roosevelt, who had returned the previous year from an extensive tour of Russia, spoke for an hour about Russia.  During that speech, she called upon the American people to study and understand Russia in order to meet the Communist challenge. She cautioned Americans not to underestimate the foreign power.

The marker was a project led by the Clarksville Historic Preservation Commission, and Chairperson Lynn Lewis. The unveiling was attended by Town of Clarksville and CCSC officials, as well as two women who were students at the time, and helped serve dinner on the night of Ms. Roosevelt’s visit. Clarksville Town Council President Ryan Ramsey says it is important to celebrate Clarksville’s history.

“This partnership is helping to spotlight an important moment in our town’s history. One that deserves to be retold for countless generations to come.  Recently the Town of Clarksville has placed an emphasis on retelling its rich history such as the first lady’s visit.  Today we bring to life one of the countless stories of Clarksville that deserves to, and will continue to be forever retold.”

This marker is just one of the many projects being planned by the Clarksville Historic Preservation Commission. Other recent projects include celebrating some of the area’s 100 year old homes. To learn more about the Historic Preservation Commission, Click Here.