Clarksville Town Council Takes Action to Protect Pedestrians in North Clarksville

Plum Lake Sidewalk

CLARKSVILLE, IN (August 4, 2021) – The Clarksville Town Council is working to ensure the safety of residents in north Clarksville. During the council meeting on Tuesday, the Town Council voted 6-1 to invest in a new sidewalk along a busy road in the Plum Lake neighborhood. Following the vote, Councilman A.D. Stonecipher thanked the council for investing in the sidewalk project. He says the large retention pond in the neighborhood is so popular that it has become a “defacto park” for area residents.

Town leaders began investigating the need for the sidewalk following complaints from walkers who were forced to walk in the street to get to the paved path surrounding the pond. Those residents say they felt their safety was in jeopardy due to cars speeding through the neighborhood.

“The path around Plum Lake is very popular with walkers and runners, but the street can be dangerous with cars regularly speeding through,” said Plum Run resident Amy Braun. “This sidewalk will be a great and much needed addition to the neighborhood.”

At Tuesday night’s council meeting, town leaders voted to accept a bid for the project from Dan Cristiani Excavating, the only company to submit a bid. Town Manager Kevin Baity says several other companies looked into submitting a bid, but did not follow through. However, the other contractors did tell Baity that Dan Cristiani Excavating’s bid of about $80,000 was similar to what they would have estimated the project to cost.

Although the main reason for the sidewalk project in the Plum Lake subdivision is to ensure public safety, council members say the project is a part of a much bigger initiative.

“Connectivity and quality of life go hand in hand with one another,” said Town Council President Ryan Ramsey. “The Town Council recently took steps to create a new program through the Public Works Department called ‘Connecting Clarksville’.  Our goal is to improve connectivity across our town.”

Ramsey says council members and town staff are currently working on a plan to fund additional sidewalk improvements in other areas of town in the coming years, but the new sidewalk in north Clarksville is a good start.