Clarksville Police Claim Victory in “Battle of the Badges” Blood Drive

Clarksville Battle of the Badges Blood Drive

CLARKSVILLE, IN – The challenge was simple. Which department, Clarksville Police or Clarksville Fire, could get more area residents to donate blood to the Red Cross during a special blood drive on June 23rd in Clarksville. Both departments went to work reaching out to the community in hopes of claiming victory and supporting a great cause. In the end, it was the Clarksville Police Department that came out on top.

When the blood drive began, the American Red Cross had the ability to accept up to 62 donations based on the amount of time scheduled. Organizers of the drive wondered what kind of turnout they would have, and if they would be able to fill every available slot. At the end of the day, nearly 80 people showed up to donate, and many had to be turned away. Clarksville Police Chief Mark Palmer said he was surprised but appreciative of the high level of community participation. Many Clarksville Police Officers, Firefighters, and other Town of Clarksville employees were among those who donated. An American Red Cross official told Chief Palmer that they recently held a similar blood drive in Cincinnati, Ohio with two separate locations, and they didn’t have nearly as good of a response from the community. Chief Palmer credited the turnout to the giving spirit of our local emergency responders, as well as the Clarksville community.

Although the blood drive was for a good cause, it was after all still a friendly competition. When asked about the final tally, Chief Palmer smiled and reported that the Police Department topped the Fire Department with a score of 42 donations (Police) to 20 donations (Fire). In the end thought, it was the local community and the American Red Cross who claimed victory.

If you were unable to make it to the “Battle of the Badges” blood drive, you can still help. The American Red Cross says the local blood supply is still ‘critically low’, and donations are still badly needed. To find a donation site near you, please Click Here.