Clarksville Parks Department Welcomes New Recreation Director

Blaine Brooks

CLARKSVILLE, IN – The next time you attend a special event or recreational program in the Town of Clarksville, you may notice a new face. Blaine Brooks was recently hired as the department’s new Recreation Director, replacing Ken Conklin who transitioned to a new role as Communications Director for the town government. Brooks has been with Clarksville Parks for just a few weeks, but he is already adding his personal touch to the Clarksville Parks and Recreation Department.

“We had more than 100 candidates apply for the position, but Blaine definitely stood out,” said former Recreation Director Ken Conklin. “Although I will miss planning events and programs for the residents of Clarksville, I am confident that Blaine will do an excellent job in providing fun and enjoyable recreational opportunities for our residents.”

Brooks was born in Iowa, but has lived all over the country including places like Ohio, Missouri, Wisconsin, South Dakota, and of course Indiana. He earned his Bachelors degree in Geography, with a focus in travel and tourism, from Ball State University. After that, he enrolled at Eastern Kentucky University where he earned his Masters degree in Recreation Administration. EKU is home to one of the most accomplished Parks and Recreation programs in the region. During his studies, Brooks worked as a graduate assistant at EKU and worked as an intern for the National Parks system at Mount Rushmore.

Brooks says he was attracted to Clarksville because of the small town feel and the close-knit community. Brooks says his family is important to him, so with family in the Indianapolis and New Albany area, Clarksville was a perfect location to begin his career. When asked about his plans as Clarksville’s new Recreation Director, Brooks says one of his goals will be to start a new interpretive program in order to educate residents about nature and the history of the area. One of his other priorities will be to increase attendance at the department’s events and programs. Brooks says he believes the Clarksville Parks and Recreation Department already has many successful and exciting programs, and that he hopes to build on that success. When asked about why he chose a career in parks and recreation, Brooks says recreation is a way for people to “get away from it all” and just enjoy nature and having fun. He says he wants to help everyone in the Town of Clarksville find that happy place for themselves.

When he is not at work, Brooks says some of his favorite hobbies are hiking, kayaking, and walking his dog, a Brittany Spaniel named “Daya”. Brooks says he is a big dog lover, and that his pup is named after a small town in Spain, although he says it is a long story of why he gave his dog that name. One of his goals in life is to visit every National Park in the United States. With the Kentuckiana area being well known as a “foodie” destination, we asked Brooks what his favorite type of restaurant would be. Brooks says he loves Mexican food, but that he really loves guacamole. With so many Mexican restaurants in the Town of Clarksville, Brooks has plenty of great options to choose from.

If you would like to contact Blaine Brooks to suggest any new recreational programs or events, feel free to email him at