Town Officials and Habitat for Humanity Welcome New Homeowner to South Clarksville

Town Officials and Habitat for Humanity Welcome New Homeowner to South Clarksville

CLARKSVILLE, IN (May 26, 2022) – A partnership between Habitat for Humanity and the Town of Clarksville has resulted in a new homeowner getting the keys to her new house Thursday morning.  Donna Gray put in more than 300 hours of sweat equity into her new home, working alongside volunteers from across Southern Indiana.

“There’s probably no amount of thank-you’ s that I can stand up here today and say that will be large enough for the capacity of people that have made this a reality,” said Donna.

The process started when the Clarksville Redevelopment Commission (RDC) purchased the property back in 2018.  The previous building on the site wasn’t salvageable, so the RDC had it demolished and cleared the site.  It wasn’t too long before Town officials decided the site was perfect for a partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Councilmembers Mike Mustain (District 4) and Karen Henderson (At-Large) represented the Town of Clarksville at the ribbon cutting.


Councilman Mustain welcomes new homeowner Donna.

“When we work together, these things become possible,” said Councilman and RDC member Mike Mustain. “It’s all of us working together, the Town working with its citizens and all of us coming together.”

Although the Town provided the land, it was CenterPoint Energy who sponsored the building of the home.  Students from Prosser Career Education Center were also a big part of the project.  Students studying construction and electrical trades spent many hours helping to build the new home.

“The only way that could even happen is because of people like you,” said Jerry Leonard, Executive Director at Habitat for Humanity Clark and Floyd Indiana.  “The community came together, the community helped build this house, which is building something special for Donna and her daughter.  That’s what Habitat for Humanity is all about.”

After thanking all of the volunteers who made it to today’s ribbon cutting, Leonard thanked the Town of Clarksville for its part in making this project a reality.

“Thank you to the Town of Clarksville for providing the foundation that Donna gets to have to build her dreams together with her daughter,” said Leonard.

At the end of the event, Habitat for Humanity officials presented Donna with a blessing basket full of items to welcome her home.  The basket included: Bread, so her cupboards would always be full of food…Salt, so life may always have flavor…Sugar, so life always has sweetness…Honey, so she may enjoy the sweetness of life…a Coin, so that she may always have good fortune…and a Candle, so that she may dwell in light and happiness.

“I can’t tell you what this means to me and my daughter,” said Donna.  “She got to pick her room color, her new furniture, she is so excited.”