Town Council Approves New Multimodal Transportation Plan


CLARKSVILLE, IN (June 8, 2023) – The Town of Clarksville has a new roadmap when it comes to the future of transportation development within the community. During a meeting of the Town Council on June 6th, the elected body adopted the new “Connect Clarksville Multimodal Transportation Plan” authored by civil engineering firm Clark Dietz.

Using funding from the Kentuckiana Regional Planning & Development Agency (KIPDA), the Town issued a request for proposals for firms interested in assisting in this process of creating a plan to create a more liveable and walkable community. After reviewing several submissions, the Town selected engineering firm Clark Dietz to serve as project managers for creating the new plan. The team also includes representatives from TSW Design Group and OHM Advisors.

Stakeholder Meeting

The new plan consists of several elements including a look at existing conditions of Clarksville roads and streets, new proposed design and development standards for any new roadways, goals for the future of Clarksville’s transportation system, and a list of recommended projects for Town leaders to consider in the event funding becomes available. One item contained within the plan that may be of interest to residents are the results of a town-wide survey on transportation within the Town of Clarksville.

“This plan is not set in stone when it comes to future multimodal transportation development within the Town,” said Clarksville Communications Director Ken Conklin. “It is expected to simply serve as a guide for the Town Council and Town staff as we work to create a more connected community.”

Representatives from Clark Dietz hosted several stakeholder group meetings, public workshops, and meetings with Town staff to create the final version of the plan. It was unanimously approved and adopted by the Clarksville Town Council at its first meeting in June.

“The Town of Clarksville would like to thank Ryan Hughes of Clark Dietz, the entire Clark Dietz team, TSW Design Group, and OHM Advisors for their months of work in crafting this new plan.” said Conklin. “The Connect Clarksville Multimodal Transportation Plan will be a valuable tool for Town leaders for years to come.”

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Public Survey

Public Survey