Settlement Reached with USDOJ on EEOC Complaint

Settlement Reached with USDOJ on EEOC Complaint

CLARKSVILLE, IN (September 15, 2022) – The Town of Clarksville has reached a settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice in the matter of an Equal Employment Opportunity complaint filed against the municipality. 

The complaint was filed after the Town of Clarksville withdrew a conditional offer of employment for a police department recruit in 2015, following a medical exam which showed that the candidate was positive for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).  Town officials withdrew the offer of employment based on the advice of medical consultants. The USDOJ believed this to be a violation of Title I of the American Disabilities Act.

Under the terms of the approved settlement, the Town of Clarksville will provide additional training on Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act for all employees, and consulting agencies, who participate in making personnel decisions related to the Clarksville Police Department.  The Town of Clarksville will also be required to submit a report on the training to the USDOJ in six months.

As for the complainant, the Town of Clarksville through its liability insurance provider will pay $150,000 as compensatory damages.  The Town will be providing the complainant with an affidavit which says he is eligible for rehire by the Clarksville Police Department, and that the withdrawal of his conditional offer of employment was unrelated to any action or lack of qualification on his part.

“We are happy that this case came to a conclusion which satisfies all parties involved,” said Clarksville Town Manager Kevin Baity. “All obligations included in the agreement will be met by the Town of Clarksville, and we will continue to ensure that those with disabilities have an equal opportunity for employment with the Town of Clarksville.”

With this settlement, the Town of Clarksville considers this matter closed and will have no further comment regarding this case.