Registration Now Open for Clarksville’s New Rental Inspection Program


CLARKSVILLE, IN (January 12, 2022) – Owners of rental properties in the Town of Clarksville may now begin registering their properties for the Building Commissioner’s new Rental Inspection Program.  The registration system went live on Monday, January 10th.  In the early 2022, the Town Council voted to approve Ordinance No. 2022-G-05, which created the new Rental Inspection Program. 

Administered by the Building Commissioner’s office, the program is for all rental properties in the Town of Clarksville. Properties include single family rental homes and apartments, as well and multifamily dwellings.  Rental unit owners must register every residential unit, and each unit is required to be inspected once every three years. Rental units that are less than three years old will not require inspections until they have aged three years. Newer units are still required to register, however, those units but will not be inspected until they are three years old.

Owners of rental properties in the Town of Clarksville have until January 31, 2023 to register their properties.  Failure to register a property could result in penalties or fines. Rental property owners may register by visiting the SmartGov Permit Portal on our website,, or by clicking here. While using the online portal, property owners will sign up and register under the “My Portal” tab. 

Currently property owners may only register their properties for the program.  Scheduling for property inspections will happen later.  If property owners have any issues with registration or have any questions about registering, please contact Code Enforcement Officer Kimberly Newby at You can also learn more about the Rental Inspection by clicking here.