Neighbors Thank Clarksville Officer for Helping to Save Dog

Neighbors Thank Clarksville Officer for Helping to Save Dog

CLARKSVILLE, IN (May 12, 2022) – Some Clarksville residents living near Gateway Park are thanking a local police officer for helping to save man’s best friend. Officer Kevin Conklin was called to the Little League Fields at Gateway Park last week, after neighbors reported a small dog stuck in a fence. It was later discovered that the dog’s owner was out of town, and the pooch managed to get away from it’s dogsitter.

With the help of neighbors, Officer Conklin was able to help free the dog named “Dolly”. Although a little shaken up, “Dolly” turned out to be okay. After the incident, one of the neighbors left a message of thanks for Clarksville Police Chief Mark Palmer.

Recorded Message: “Good morning, Happy Mother’s Day. My name is Manuela and I live here in Clarksville, Indiana. This morning, Officer Kevin came over to the Little League Park to retrieve a little puppy that stuck and extremely neglected. He took such good care of the little fella there, so I just wanted to leave a message and I hope I reached the right person. Again, its officer Kevin, a young fella too, and thank-you thank-you thank-you so very much. It was a blessing that he came out. Thank-you thank-you, bye bye.”

Once “Dolly” was saved, Officer Conklin observed that the dog seemed to show signs of neglect with matted hair and overgrown nails. An investigation is now underway into the welfare of the dog.


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