Mrs. and Mr. Cotton Candy Fun Zone Opens in Clarksville’s Green Tree Mall

Mrs. and Mr. Cotton Candy Fun Zone Opens in Clarksville’s Green Tree Mall


CLARKSVILLE, IN (December 29, 2021) – There is a new place for kids and families alike in Clarksville’s Green Tree Mall. Mrs. and Mr. Cotton Candy Fun Zone opened its doors last month, creating a new place for kids to play and have a little fun.

The location features several inflatables, a dance zone, building block area, and much more. While the kids play and get their energy out, parents are invited to browse more than a hundred different flavors of cotton candy. Co-Owner Charles Hurt credits the idea to the Green Tree Mall management team.

“I got a hold of the Green Tree Mall office, they contacted me back, and I only wanted to do a kiosk,” said Hurt. “They actually came up with a better idea to partner the two companies, New Albany Inflatables and Mrs. and Mr. Cotton Candy. So we combined them together and made Mrs. and Mr. Cotton Candy Fun Zone.”

The move to Clarksville came after a car slammed into the cotton candy store’s location in New Albany. Although the store in New Albany is back open now, Clarksville’s Green Tree Mall is the only place to find the Fun Zone. Hurt says the Fun Zone is right up his alley, since he previously spent 10 years working in the day care industry.

“I was kind of a little hesitant at first,” said Hurt. “Then as the week went on I was like, ‘you know, let’s do it’.”

Mrs. and Mr. Cotton Candy currently sells more than 100 different flavors of cotton candy, but they hope to get that number up to more than 150 flavors by the end of 2022. They also sell what they describe as ‘gourmet cotton candy’, with flavors such as Cookies and Creme, Pop Rocks, and Unicorn.

“We just have many different kinds of cotton candy, and that’s what makes us unique,” says Hurt. “You can’t find it anywhere but here.”

As for the Fun Zone, Hurt says he plans to move to a larger space in Green Tree Mall if the current location is successful. He says he is also hoping to partner with other small businesses in the area in order to grow the Mrs. and Mr. Cotton Candy brand.

The Mrs. and Mr. Cotton Candy Fun Zone’s hours coincide with mall hours, and visitors are encouraged to stop by and pick up some sweet stuff. There is a fee for children interested in playing in the Fun Zone area. Tickets are $10.00 at the door or $7.50 if purchased online in advance. You can do that by visiting their website at