First Annual “Egg-stravaganza” Draws Large Crowds to Clarksville’s Gateway Park.

Egg Hunt

CLARKSVILLE, IN (April 16, 2022) – The cloudy skies cleared up this morning just in time for the Clarksville Parks and Recreation Department’s annual Easter Egg Hunt at Gateway Park, almost as if it was planned that way.

“Last week when I checked the weather it was supposed to rain,” said Clarksville Parks Recreation Director Kayla Tatgenhorst. “I was very nervous that it was going to rain today, but it ended up raining last night. Now it cleared up and its gorgeous outside.”

That beautiful weather brought out large crowds for what the Parks Department calls “Egg-stravaganza.”  The event featured the traditional egg hunt, but his year the department added a train ride, inflatables, face painting, and an ice cream vendor.  Tatgenhorst says she was very happy with the turnout.

“It’s a lot better than I was expecting,” said Tatgenhorst. “I was kind of nervous at first since its technically my first big event working with Clarksville Parks, but I was very happy with the turnout today.”

Tatgenhorst joined the Clarksville Parks and Recreation Department just a few months ago after spending several years working in a similar position with New Albany’s Parks Department.  Residents who attended today’s “Egg-stravaganza” say they enjoyed all the great activities, especially after months of dealing with the COVID epidemic.

“It’s nice to be back at community events and getting back to normal.”

Jeffersonville resident Jessica Brooks took advantage of the great weather and brought her family to Gateway Park.  She and her husband said they liked how the egg hunt was split up into age groups, allowing their 21-month-old son Wyatt to take his time.

“It was pretty fast, but with our kid being small, he was able to sit in one place and get a bunch of eggs,” said Brooks. “I like that the community provides that.  For families who maybe have been impacted by COVID and not able to do big Easter baskets, it’s something easy to come to.”

Brooks says although Wyatt and her 1-month-old son Walker are a bit small to enjoy the rest of the “Egg-stravaganza” activities, she is happy to see other families being able to have fun.  She says she also liked that fact that Gateway Park has a large playground for the kiddos.  Her only critique was that the Parks Department needs a little more organization when it comes to the lines for the various activities.

“There just needs to be some sort of a system to show everyone where to line up,” said Brooks.

Kayla Tatgenhorst says once the dust settles, she plans to do an event analysis to see what the department can do better next year.  She says better organization of the lines is already on her list.  She also wants to think bigger.

“I would love to add more, love to make things bigger and better always, but right now I am content and happy with what we put together.”

If you attended the event and would like to send the department feedback, you can email your comments to or call 812-283-5313.