Clarksville Finalizes Purchase of Ashland Park Property

Ashland Park, Clarksville, Indiana

CLARKSVILLE, IN (March 1, 2023) – A section of the Ohio riverfront, which boasts some of the best views of the Louisville skyline, is now the property of the Town of Clarksville.  For decades the Clarksville Parks and Recreation Department has leased the stretch of riverfront know as Ashland Park from Marathon Oil Corporation.

Although the lease of property only cost the department a dollar per year, it was always owned by Marathon Oil and not by the Town.  That changed Wednesday when Town officials finalized a deal to purchase the 18 acre property for $350,000.  The Town of Clarksville now owns the Ashland Park property which runs from the intersection of West Market Street and Riverside Drive to the L & I Railroad Bridge.

“This is a major accomplishment for the Town of Clarksville and its residents,” said Clarksville Communications Director Ken Conklin. “Owning the property allows the Town to do more in terms redevelopment and making improvements to the park and Riverside Drive.”

Town officials recently announced plans for a major renovation of the Riverside Drive corridor, with improved roadways, lighting, sidewalks, and a rebuild of the floodwall entrance to Clarksville’s new Main Street.  However, even more improvements are expected in the coming year.

“While the Town has been working to purchase the Ashland Park property, the Parks Department has also been working towards obtaining a grant to make improvements in the park itself,” said Conklin.  “If approved, this grant funding would allow the Parks Department to purchase and install a new handicapped-accessible playground in the park.”

Construction on Riverside Drive is scheduled to start later this spring and is expected to cost around $7 Million.