Clarksville Awarded $5 Million Grant for Stormwater Infrastructure Improvements

Clarksville Awarded $5 Million Grant for Stormwater Infrastructure Improvements

CLARKSVILLE, IN (September 16, 2021) – The Town of Clarksville is getting some much needed assistance to combat flooding in the Broadway District near Veterans Parkway.  The State of Indiana announced that Clarksville would be receiving a grant of $5,000,000 from the Storm Water Infrastructure Fund (SWIF).

The Town of Clarksville was one of only 22 communities across the State of Indiana to receive the grant funding. The Indiana General Assembly established the State Water Infrastructure Fund (SWIF) Grants in 2021.  The state allocated $100 million of COVID recovery funds to be used by Indiana Utilities for wastewater, stormwater and drinking water projects that either protect or improve public health or water quality.  The state had over 500 applicants, requesting more that $700 million in assistance.

Along with the $5,000,000 in grant funds, the Town of Clarksville will also invest more than $8,000,000 into the Broadway District Stormwater Project.  During heavy rains, the areas along Cedar, Horn, Madison and Adams Street flood to the point that intersections have to be closed, leaving residents without access to their homes.  The Broadway Project significantly reduces the flooding risk by installing new storm water pipes.  The greatest planned improvement is the enlargement of the stormwater detention basin at the River Falls Mall property.

Work on the Broadway District Stormwater Project is expected to begin in Summer 2022.  With the planned improvement, the risk of flooding in the Broadway District will be greatly reduced, providing peace of mind for area residents and businesses.

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