Former Clarksville Parks Superintendent Receives Distinguished Honor

Former Clarksville Parks Superintendent Receives Distinguished Honor

MUNCIE, IN (November 4, 2021) – It was more than a year ago that long-time Clarksville Parks Superintendent Brian Kaluzny decided to retire from public service. Although he is no longer serving the Clarksville community, he is still being recognized for his more than 27 years of service to the field of Parks and Recreation.

During a luncheon today at the Indiana Parks and Recreation Association (IPRA) annual conference in Muncie, Kaluzny was honored with the “Distinguished Lifetime Member Award”. The award is one of the two most prestigious awards given out by the state organization each year. The Distinguished Life Member Award acknowledges a parks and recreation professional who has dedicated their time to improving the quality of their community and supporting the parks and recreation movement through Indiana.

IPRA says the person chosen for the award must have shown strong leadership through community outreach, inspiration to others, and note-worthy contributions to the field of parks and recreation. The nominee must have at least 20 years of IPRA involvement and has served at least 5 years in an IPRA leadership position. Along with the award, Kaluzny also received a free lifetime membership with the Indiana Park and Recreation Association.

“The Town of Clarksville has some of the best parks and facilities in southern Indiana, and that is mainly due to the dedication and leadership of Brian Kaluzny,” said Clarksville Parks Superintendent BJ Nelson Lynton. “No other person in the State of Indiana is more deserving of this very prestigious award.”

This isn’t the first time Kaluzny or the Clarksville Parks Department has been recognized by the organization. Kaluzny was awarded the “Outstanding Professional Award” about 5 years ago, and the Clarksville Parks and Recreation Department was awarded the “Outstanding Agency Award” in 2019.