Clarksville Announces Several Neighborhood Improvement Projects

Clarksville Announces Several Neighborhood Improvement Projects

CLARKSVILLE, IN (May 17, 2022) –  Some much needed improvements are coming to several neighborhoods in Clarksville, but as a result, residents may have to deal with some inconveniences.  In other cases, crews working for the Town of Clarksville may have to enter local homes.

PROJECT 1 (McKinley Ave and Randolph Ave):

The first project takes place on McKinley Avenue and Randolph Avenue between Washington Street and Carter Avenue.  The Town and Indiana American Water will be installing new sanitary sewer and water lines along Randolph and McKinley Avenues in the summer of 2022.  Currently, both the sanitary and water lines are located behind several homes in an easement.  This makes maintenance hard to do. As a way to improve access to these facilities, the Town is teaming up with Indiana American Water to relocate the lines to the roadway in front of those home.  This will enable both entities to properly maintain the lines and provide better service to residents. 

In order to relocate the lines, crews will have to work on water lines inside several of the homes.  Town officials will work with homeowners to schedule a time to complete the work.  This is called securing a “Right of Entry”.  Work inside the homes is expected to take place in the Fall of 2022.

McKinley Avenue and Randolph Avenue Sewer/Water Project

PROJECT 2 (Emerald Ct., Redwood Place, and Millwood Place):

The second project is currently underway on Emerald Court, Redwood Place, and Millwood Place.  Crews are working to improve stormwater drainage in the area which will alleviate flooding in roadways and backyards.  To do this, crews will be removing existing fences, sheds and other out-buildings that may be in the way and on the easement.  The fences will be reinstalled at the edge of the easement and buildings will be placed at a location that suits the homeowners off of the easement.

PROJECT 3 (Potters Lane):

The next project involves Potters Lane.  Potters Lane from Lombardy Drive to Greentree North will be getting get drainage improvements and new sidewalks. The intersection that leads into Lapping Park and Wooded view Golf Course will be reconfigured for better visibility and access to the park. Work will be limited to the existing right of way, except for some easements along the north of Potters Lane at Lombardy to redirect some drainage.  This project is expected to begin in August 2022.

Potters Lane Project

PROJECT 4 (Cottonwood Drive and Raintree Drive):

The final project will be taking place along Cottonwood Drive and Raintree Drive.  Crew will be installing sanitary and storm sewers in the backyards along the 1000 block of Cottonwood Drive and Potters Lane.  This will enable the Town will better serve the lines and improve the drainage. There sanitary sewer lines in Cottonwood and Raintree will also be enlarged and the slope changed to help alleviate sanitary sewer back-ups in the area. The existing easement in the back of the homes in the 1000 block of Cottonwood and Potters will be cleared to allow for the improvements.  This means all fences and sheds will be relocated out of the easement.  The Town will seek right of entry to relocate the improvements to the existing owner’s property.  Crews will also need temporary easements to complete the work behind the homes. Town staff will be going door to door to get the necessary approvals starting in late May.

Although these project may cause some inconveniences for homeowners, they are much needed improvements that will benefit the homeowners and surrounding neighborhoods for decades to come.