Chris Kraft Recognized for Exemplary Leadership of the Clarksville Police Reserves Program

Chris Kraft Recognized for Exemplary Leadership of the Clarksville Police Reserves Program

CLARKSVILLE, IN (September 7, 2021) – The ‘backbone of the Clarksville Police Department.” That is how one Clarksville Town Council member describe the Town of Clarksville’s Police Reserves Program. The program brings together well-trained men and women with an interest in becoming a full-time police officer with the Town of Clarksville. Those officers volunteer to assist the department with special duties such as community outreach. According to Clarksville Police Chief Mark Palmer, 95% of the new hires within his department come from the reserves program.

Running a valuable and successful program such as this requires a great deal of time and effort. It is an arduous task, and one that is currently an unpaid, volunteer-based position. So one can imagine that it takes a very generous and special individual to take on the task of leading the Clarksville Reserves Program. Fortunately, the Town of Clarksville enjoys the services of Lt. Colonel Chris Kraft, Chief of Reserves with the Clarksville Police Department. For more than 18 years, Lt. Col. Kraft has donated his time and skills to help lead and train the young and up and coming officers of the Town of Clarksville.

At the Tuesday night meeting of the Clarksville Town Council, Lt. Col. Kraft was recognized for his thousands of hours of service to the Clarksville community. He received a standing ovation as he was presented a special plaque by Clarksville Police Chief Mark Palmer. During his remarks, Kraft said he and the men and women he leads would not do what they do, if Clarksville wasn’t a special place. He says he and others who serve the Town of Clarksville love this community, and work diligently every day to make it a better place to live.

About Lt. Col Chris Kraft
Chris Kraft graduated from Providence High School, and then went on to earn his Bachelors Degree in Education. He later earned his Masters Degree in Administrative Education. Kraft served as a teacher and then principal in Oldham County, KY for 27 years before his recent retirement. He has been with the Reserves Program since 2002, and was promoted to Chief of Reserves in 2012. He has served in various positions with the department including Property Room Manager, Crime Scene Investigator, and Records Personnel. Chris is married to Meredith Kraft, and the couple has raised two children, Jared and Justice. Interesting fact, Chris’ father Paul Kraft was selected as the first Chief of Reserves when the Clarksville Police Reserves program started nearly 50 years ago.

About the Clarksville Police Reserves Program
The Clarksville Police Reserves Program was started nearly 50 years ago. According to Clarksville Police Chief Mark Palmer, the program has two major functions. The first is to support the police department in multiple roles including: Town Council meeting security, special event security at Town sponsored events, and assisting with public outreach in local schools and businesses. The second function of the program is to assist in the training of future hires for the Clarksville Police Department. Click Here to learn more about the Clarksville Police Reserves Program.