Parkwood Improvements Project

Parkwood Improvements Project

The Parkwood Neighborhood in Clarksville is comprised of more than 900 residential properties, most built between 40-60 years ago. The area has a history of both drainage and wastewater issues, largely caused by the combination of the age of the development and the very flat terrain in the area. Because of these issues, the Town of Clarksville recently completed an extensive study of both the stormwater/drainage and wastewater/sanitary systems. The study identified numerous recommendations and improvements throughout the neighborhood that strive to improve the performance of both the wastewater and stormwater systems. Involvement and feedback from residents during the study was invaluable and has been most appreciated.

The Town and its consultants have already begun developing detailed designs for a number of the projects identified. To reduce disruption to residents, the Parkwood project region has been divided into seven areas. Construction is anticipated to begin mid-2021. Funding for construction projects will be managed through a bond which was issued specifically for these improvements. NOTE: Area numbers labeled on the following map do not indicate the order in which construction projects will take place, nor will the entire area be under construction.

Prior to construction, efforts will be made to coordinate with impacted property owners. Types of construction and maintenance activities anticipated to take place includes pipe replacement, new infrastructure installation, system cleaning, road resurfacing, curb replacement, and easement re-grading.  Some of the work will involve construction in existing rear and side yard easements. Clarksville and its consultants will work with all residents to coordinate these efforts so that disruption and inconveniences are minimized. If your property is specifically affected by any planned activities, you will receive prior written notification with details and contact information.  Efforts will be made to update this website periodically with additional information on scheduling as it becomes available. Residents are encouraged to check back periodically for more information.