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The Town of Clarksville’s Redevelopment Department is responsible for implementing projects and programs to encourage economic development within the Town. The primary goals of the redevelopment department are to help support the local community by planning and funding infrastructure improvements, encouraging redevelopment through private and public partnerships, and utilizing planning tools and financial strategies to implement project and program opportunities.

To help you discover the endless opportunities in Clarksville, we have created two new websites.  The first site,, is the hub of the town’s economic development marketing effort. Developed with site location consultants in mind, this site highlights all of Clarksville business assets. From available properties and utility information to details about workforce training and education programs, you’ll easily see that “it begins here.”

The second site,, is our latest talent attraction website. Geared toward non-locals who are looking for new opportunities, this site invites them to check out the sunny side of Louisville and everything is has to offer.

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Recruit From GIS WebTech

Recruit by GIS Webtech allows commercial property owners and brokers to better market existing (or upcoming) properties within the Town of Clarksville. GIS Webtech has put together a site map of active properties within town that are ripe for development. The site includes unique layers regarding utilities, zoning, and incentives that are must-haves for you and your clients.

If you would like to upload and market properties to this site for yourself or your clients then please email Redevelopment Director Nic Langford at