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South Clarksville Redevelopment Plan

Press Release - Community invited to Second "Implementing South Clarksville" Workshop

Press Release - South Clarksville Redevelopment Plan WHAT: Community Workshop for Implementation of the South Clarksville Redevelopment Plan
WHEN: Thursday, April 20, 2017 - 6:30 PM
WHERE: Suite 201 of Water Tower Square Business Park - 590 Missouri Avenue, Suite 201, Jeffersonville, IN 47130

Some major changes are coming to Clarksville, and area residents are invited to join us in shaping the future of Southern Indiana. The public and area media organizations are invited to attend a community workshop to discuss future construction of specific public infrastructure improvements in the Transformation Area of the South Clarksville Redevelopment Plan on Thursday, April 20th at 6:30 PM.

Click Here to read the entire Press Release.


South Clarksville Redevelopment Plan - Draft and Appendix

South Clarksville Redevelopment Plan The South Clarksville Redevelopment Plan establishes a shared community vision for new development and revitalization in a broadly-defined area extending from the Ohio River to Stansifer Avenue. The Plan identifies a need for community improvements and revitalization in all portions of the 320-acre area. The market analysis conducted for this plan has demonstrated that opportunities for significant private investment and redevelopment should be focused on the riverfront, and on lands in close proximity to the riverfront.

Clarksville's economy, and the way its people supports themselves, their families, and their businesses, has been tied to the river for centuries. As the broader economy has changed and evolved, it is time for Clarksville to change its waterfront in ways that provide greater prosperity and opportunity for its residents, as well as the next generation. The Clarksville waterfront, once a great job-provider for the town, no longer fills that role. It needs to be transformed into a destination orients place, in order to advance its marketability, livability, desirability and - ultimately - the Town's economy and the access its people have to opportunity.

This study demonstrates that an opportunity exists to attract $210 million in private investment for new, market-based development along the waterfront and near-waterfront area, characterized by a vibrant mixed-use district with public gathering spaces, walkable streets, bicycle trails, shopping, dining and entertainment venues - anchored by the river, a spectacular view of the downtown Louisville skyline, and the iconic historic architecture of the form Colgate facility and Ohio Falls Car complex.

This focus on riverfront transformation is part of a long-term strategy for community investment that will pay dividends for decades to come, having a ripple effect of economic investment in larger areas, to the benefits of the entire town.

South Clarksville Redvelopment Plan - Book
South Clarksville Redvelopment Plan - Appendix


Online Discussion

South Clarksville Redevelopment Plan Meeting South Clarksville Redevelopment Plan Meeting South Clarksville Redevelopment Plan Meeting South Clarksville Redevelopment Plan Meeting
Community Workshop Meeting - 5/28/2015

Share your insights and ideas for the South Clarksville Redevelopment Area at the project's online community engagement site: Envision South Clarksville. Join the discussion by clicking the respond button below.
South Clarksville Redevelopment Plan
South Clarksville Redevelopment Plan
The Town of Clarksville has engaged MKSK, an urban planning and design firm, to create a comprehensive redevelopment plan for approximately 320 acres of land in the southeastern-most point of Clarksville along the Ohio River and directly across from downtown Louisville. The area is generally bounded by the Clarksville-Jeffersonville corporate boundary and Interstate 65 to the east, the Ohio River to the south, the L&I railroad and Clark Boulevard to the west, and Stansifer Avenue to the north. The area includes the historic Colgate factory, the Marathon bulk oil site, the Water Tower Square complex, Clarion Hotel, Louisville Metro KOA campground, Derby Dinner Playhouse, and a variety of commercial, industrial, residential, and civic uses.

This project will build on previous planning efforts for the Clark's Landing and West Riverfront Areas, and will establish a market-based strategy to implement a successful transformation of both public spaces and private development in this important part of Clarksville.



The first community workshop for the South Clarksville Redevelopment Plan was held on May 28th at Water Tower Square. Approximately 40 participants attended, representing area residents, business owners, property owners and others interested in the future of the South Clarksville Area. The planning team introduced the community to the planning process, shared initial findings and ideas about emerging opportunities, and described a draft vision and goals for the area.

Participants engaged in small group discussions about the vision, opportunities and issues that should be addressed by the plan, and then shared their ideas back with the audience.

Thanks to all who attended, and if you were unable to attend, you can join in the online discussion by clicking the RESPOND button to the left.