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2017 Clarksville Zoning Ordinance Update

Project Description

The Town of Clarksville is currently undergoing an update of the Town's Zoning Ordinance. The use of a zoning ordinance is the most common and oldest tool for implementing land use policy in the United States. The purpose of this Ordinance is to divide a jurisdiction of a local government into districts or zones. Within the zones, the Ordinance regulates how the land is used, the intensity or density of uses, the bulk of buildings on the land, parking, building materials, and other aspects of land use and construction. The Zoning Ordinance is also one of several tools used to implement the Town's Comprehensive Plan.

The zoning ordinance helps the local community in the following ways:
  • Securing adequate light, air, and convenience of access and safety from fire, flood, and other danger;

  • Lessening or avoiding congestion in public ways;

  • Promoting the public health, safety, comfort, morals, convenience, and general welfare;

  • Otherwise accomplishing the purposes of Chapter 4 of the Indiana Code - Local Planning and Zoning.

Preparing a zoning ordinance is one of the most challenging, time consuming, and important tasks the Town will undertake.



Available in PDF format: (download Adobe PDF reader)





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Clarksville Municipal Government Center Clarksville Municipal Government Center


South Clarksville Redevelopment Plan

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2-07-2017 - Clarksville to get road funding for two projects - Blackiston Mill Road, Riverside Drive to be improved

Other Redevelopment Projects

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7-12-2017 - $1.2 Million in Tourism Awards to Fund New Albany Riverfront Revitalization
5-3-2017 - Clarksville Sears Auto Center to close Location one of 50