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DEPARTMENT - Parks & Recreation

Clarksville Parks & Recreation
Clarksville Parks & Recreation
Clarksville Parks & Recreation website

Mission Statement
The mission of the Clarksville Parks and Recreation District is to enhance the quality of life in the town by providing the best possible recreational facilities, open natural spaces and programs for its citizens.

Statement of Philosophy
The primary service of the Clarksville Parks and Recreation Department is to provide opportunities for enriching the lives and meeting the recreational needs of Clarksville citizens. The expressed purpose of the CPRD is to maintain and develop facilities and programs to provide a well rounded, wholesome program of leisure time activities for the people residing in the community.

The CPRD will continually strive to make available to the people, public property which has recreational value.

The CPRD also recognizes and strives to implement the joint use of public property for the multi-purpose and financial advantages it has for residents of the community.

Goals and Objectives of the CPRD
  • To improve existing and create additional recreation and conservation areas in the Park District.

  • To coordinate the efforts of all public agencies while providing citizens and visitors with recreational programs.

  • To work with neighborhoods of the community to develop facilities and programs to meet the individual neighborhoods' needs.

  • To establish priorities in the purchase and development of recreation areas.

  • To strive for full utilization of existing facilities as well as designing new facilities so that they might be utilized fully.

  • Utilize available federal, state and private financing for park and recreational areas.

Support the Clarksville Parks Foundation
Support parks and recreation in the Clarksville community by making a donation to the Clarksville Parks Foundation. Your tax deductible contribution will help provide amenities that will add beauty and inspiration to our parks district. Parks and recreation benefit the entire community from the young to the young at heart. Your support will ensure that parks and recreation in our community will have a lasting impact on everyone in Clarksville.

To donate, make your check payable to the Community Foundation of Southern Indiana noting Clarksville Parks Foundation on the check.

Mail to:
2000 Broadway,Suite 221
Clarksville, IN 47129

Brian Kaluzny
2000 Broadway, Suite 221
Clarksville, IN 47129
P: (812) 283-5313
F: (812) 288-1380
B.J. Nelson Lynton
Assistant Superintendent
2000 Broadway, Suite 221
Clarksville, IN 47129
P: (812) 283-5313
F: (812) 288-1380


Parks Department Staff

Robert "Brian" Kaluzny - Superintendent
BJ Nelson Lynton - Assistant Superintendent
Ken Conklin - Marketing & Programming Coordinator
Natalie McLochlin - Office Manager
Willie Liter - Park Maintenance Foreman
Louis Bronson - Golf Course Superintendent
Mark Cappola - PGA Golf Professional
Jacob Roeder - Assistant PGA Golf Professional

Parks Board Members

Mr. Bill Wilson - President
Mr. C. Ray Lewis - Vice President
Ms. Rebekah Clayton - Secretary
Ms. Leslie Sutherland - Member
Mr. Jim Zimmerman - Member
Mr. Paul Gibson - Member