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TOWN Commissions

Much of the work of town government is carried out by various commissions and committees. The members of these groups are appointed either by the town council president or the council as a whole. Some groups are determined by statutory regulations.

The statutory commissions in Clarksville include:
  • Advisory Plan Commission
  • Board of Zoning Appeals
  • Parks and Recreation Board
  • Metropolitan Police Commission
  • Redevelopment Commission
  • Economic Development Commission
  • Falls of the Ohio Interpretive Center Building Corporation and Redevelopment Authority
  • Technical Review Committee
  • Unsafe Building Commsion

Other committees are composed of members appointed by the town council president, but are not regulated by state statute. These include: Building Commission, ADA Grievance Committee and Insurance Review Committee. Two other committees, the Beautification Committee and the Historical Society, work under the auspices of the town council. Their membership is composed of interested citizens, but is not appointed by any governing body.

Plan Commission

The Advisory Plan Commission is composed of four citizens and three elected or appointed officials or town employees. The goal of the Plan Commission is to improve the health, safety, convenience and welfare of the residents of Clarksville. This is carried out through a planned roadway system, maintenance of residential areas and their surroundings and attention to areas of growth.

The Plan Commission uses the Clarksville Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations as guidelines in decision making. Clarksville's plan commission is designated as advisory, which means that many of their decisions, such as changes in zoning classification, must be ratified by the Town Council.

Board of Zoning Appeals

Another body that deals with zoning issues and the improvement of the safety, convenience and welfare of Clarksville residents is the Board of Zoning Appeals. This five-member board hears appeals to decisions regarding zoning regulations, as well as granting variances and special exceptions to the zoning ordinance.

The citizens who serve on these two commissions are committed to improving the quality of life for Clarksville residents through careful planning and thoughtful decision making.

Redevelopment Commission

The Redevelopment Commission is set up to improve blighted areas within the town. This is done by investigating the causes of blighted areas and combating these causes through promoting the use of land in a manner that serves the interests of the town and its residents. Clarksville has set up a tax increment financing (TIF) district in one of the areas this commission oversees.

The funds from the TIF provide a resource for improvements in the area and allow infrastructure projects that might not be possible with general funds. Five members serve on this commission, three selected by the council and three appointed by the council president.

Economic Development Commission

The three members of the Economic Development Commission work closely with the Redevelopment Commission for the improvement of Clarksville. This commission is charged with creating or retaining business opportunities in the town. Many of these businesses have located in areas identified by the Redevelopment Commission as needing improvement.

Parks and Recreation Board

The Parks Board consists of four members appointed by the town council president, one member from the Clarksville Community School Board and one citizen representing citizens who live outside the Town's boundaries and is appointed by the Circuit Court Judge.

The Parks Board is responsible for the policies and operation of the Parks Department including personnel and facilities. The board members are also responsible for approving and administering the budget for the Parks Department. This function is carried out by the Town Council for all other departments.

Metropolitan Police Commission

This commission oversees the Clarksville Police Department. The three members are responsible for hiring police officers and for suspension, demotion or dismissal of members of the department. The commission may also make rules for the government and discipline of the police department. Recommendations regarding compensation can be made by this body, but the town council makes determinations of compensation.

Unsafe Building Commsion

The Unsafe Building Commission works with the Building Commission to investigate properties that may be in violation of Clarksville's unsafe building ordinance. The commission and the Building Commissioner deal with the owners of properties that are deemed in violation to resolve how to address the violations and bring the properties into compliance.

Falls of the Ohio Interpretive Center Building Corporation and Redevelopment Authority

These two groups serve a similar function and are required by Indiana statute for capital development. The purpose of each committee is to act as the bonding authority and owner of new municipal facilities constructed through the sale of municipal bonds. The Falls of the Ohio Interpretive Center, built on the Ohio River at the fossil beds was financed through the Building Corporation. The Clarksville Municipal Center, a 24-acre campus which currently consists of the Town Administration Building /Town Court and the Woody Gilbert Police Administration Building, was constructed by the Redevelopment Authority. Bond payments are made by leases paid to the corporation and authority by town government.

Technical Review Committee

The Technical Review is composed of staff members who review site plans that are submitted to the Plan Commission for approval. The engineer, building commissioner, fire department, street department and wastewater department make sure all aspects of the plans adhere to the zoning and subdivision regulations. This committee makes recommendations to the Plan Commission regarding acceptance of the plans or modifications for acceptance if necessary.