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Clarksville Building Department
The office of the Building Commissioner has a variety of duties, which in general are related to the regulation and enforcement of Clarksville's zoning ordinance and subdivision regulations. The office grants mechanical, electrical and plumbing licenses to contractors. In addition, required permits for various construction or remodeling projects are issued through the Building Commissioner.

The work done under these permits must be inspected, often at several stages in the construction process. A certificate of occupancy is issued when construction has passed all the required inspections.

Besides licensing, permitting and inspecting, the Building Commissioner is responsible for other aspects of zoning, such as compliance with zoning use; administering requests for rezoning and zoning appeals; weed control; junk car removal and mitigation of unsafe housing. Clarksville's Building Commission office accomplishes all this in a growing community with a staff of three, one secretary, an inspector and the Building Commissioner.

RFP - Yard Maintenance
Notice - Request for Quotes: Yard Maintenance

Date Released: 2/9/2015
The Clarksville Building Commissioner is seeking sealed quotes for grass cutting and yard maintenace to be performed on desginated unsafe and foreclosed properties and properties in violation of Town of Clarksville Ordinance 2010-G-04. Sealed quotes shall be received at the Clarksville Building Commission's office at 2000 Broadway, Room 234, Clarksville, Indiana 47129, no later than 3:00 PM on March 9, 2015.

The Request for Quotes, quotation forms, and instructions may be obtained at the Building Commissioner's office or at Further information can be obtained by telephone at (812) 283-1510.

Ilpo Majuri, Building Commissioner

Response Due Date and Time: 3/9/2015 - 3:00 PM

Ilpo Majuri
Building Commissioner
2000 Broadway, Suite 234
Clarksville, IN 47129
P: (812) 283-1510
F: (812) 280-5549
Office Hours: M-F 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM


Clarksville General Contractor Fee Schedule

Commercial Residential
Tenant Finish Review: $25  
Permits: $.10 per square foot + $10 for first $1000 in cost + $5 for every $1000 after (building) Building Permit: $.10 per square foot + Inspections
Inspections: $50 Inspections: $20
Alteration/Tenant Finish/Remodel: $10 for first $100 in cost + $5 for every $1000 after Alterations: $50 + Inspections (no change in square footage)
  Alterations: $50 + $.10 per square foot + Inspections (increase in footage)
Certificate of Occupancy: $100 Certificate of Occupancy: $100 (new home), $15 (room addtion)
Demolitions: $100 Demolitions: $50
Reinspections: $100 (first), $150 (second), $250 (third)  
Commercial Residential
Alteration: $60 + amps + Inspections Alteration: $50 + amps + Inspections
Inspections: $50 each Inspections: $20 each
Amps: $.60/amp Amps: $.35/amp
100 amp Temporary: $50 Meter: $35
200 amp Temporary: $75 Pool: $50 + amps + Inspections
Reinspections: $100 (first), $150 (second), $250 (third) Reinspections: $30
Commercial Residential
A/C (replacement): $35 A/C (replacement): $30
(These residential fees include inspections.)
A/C (new): $65 A/C (new): $60
(These residential fees include inspections.)
Furnace (replacement): $35 Furnace (replacement): $30
Furnace (new): $65 Furnace (new): $60
Inspections: $50 Inspections: $20
Reinspections: $100 (first), $150 (second), $250 (third) Reinspections: $30
Air Handlers: $50  
Hood Suppression Systems: $50  
Commercial Residential
Permits: $55 for first fixture, $7 for each additional (includes water heaters) Permits: $30 for first fixture, $4 for each additional (includes inspection)
Water Heater: $50 Water Heater: $25
Inspections: $50 Inspections: $20
Reinspections: $100 (first), $150 (second), $250 (third) Reinspections: $30
Commercial Residential
link: $35 link: $30
liknk: $65 nkkk: $60
link: $35 Akkk: $30
liknk: $65 nkkk: $60


Permit Applications

Below you will find a selection of Town of Clarksville permit applications for various residential and commercial projects. All application forms are in PDF format.

Applicants can email or fax forms back to Clarksville Building Commissioner's Office:

Fax: (812) 280-5549


Unsafe Buildings

To report a property in violation of the unsafe building ordinance, contact the Building Commissioner's office at 812-283-1510, email, or

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